Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Kyle Rayner: ADULT! Week!: Day Two

That cat Tommy's in the ceiling ready to shoot Kyle in the head. Elsewhere in the world...

I really can't add anything to that.

Kyle "fists" Tommy.

Something kind of sad about The way that things have come to be Desensitized to everything What became of subtlety?

How can it really mean anything to me
If I really don't feel anything at all?

I'll keep digging till,
I feel something.

Taken from Tool's Stinkfist, a song guessed it... fisting.

It also happens to be the official love song of Master of the Universe Fisto.

Could you imagine a Justice League with these two on it?

Kyle: "Anyone want some of my bratwurst?"

Hitman: (Shoots Kyle)

Kyle: "Ow! My ass!"

The "BWAHAHA!" Justice League 90's Style!

GASP!!!! Kyle's secret identity's been compromised!!!!



I think the guy who runs Kyle's neighborhood coffee shop knows his secret identity too.

It's really not that big of a deal.

Moving on...

Tune in tomorrow as Kyle can't get into THE JUSTICE CLUB!


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