Sunday, April 08, 2007


Haircare With Black Lightning Day

If your teeny-weeny Afro is just a bit "in-between-y," there's an Afro wig out there for you with your name on it.*

And when your hair starts falling out after Judd Winick creates a neice for you, has her sleep with Green Arrow, kills her, has you kill kill her killer, creates a daughter you never knew about, has her drop out of med school, fake becoming the concubine of an evil dictator and then start sleeping with a promiscuous seven foot tall, super-strong, bi-sexual Amazon who slept with Roy Harper... smile a big smile, shave your dome and don't worry about it because you know what?... no matter what people say Black men, like myself, look good with shaved heads.

It's our superpower.

*Mask sold seperately.

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You're killing this kid, Black Lightning!
I tried shaving my head once in the early 90's. I didn't get the cool/punk look I was going for: more of a "lobotomy patient" style - and the headburn was horrible...
Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You didn't moisturize afterwards.

God, I sounded like my mother there for a second.
It's true. Black men look great with shaved heads. White guys look doofy. Every time I shave mine, I end up looking like a psycho.
Ah, the shaved head, or as I refer to it now - the comb-over of the nineties.
Say what you will, some white guys can pull off the shaved head.
Although, truth be told, bald pate or no, I may not be as "SUPER-CUTE" as Devon... ;)
Yes, Rich.

You do rock the bald look quite well.

You get a pass.
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