Thursday, April 19, 2007


Hawkman On Sensitivity/Proper Etiquette

Like most good men, Hawkman enjoys himself a good sandwich...

...difference between Hawkman and most men, he orders them in Thanagarian and English.


*Snap*...Gah! It's Snapper Carr! Will I never be free of...oh wait, it's Hawkman.

Never Mind.

Lucky he's fast enough to dodge a mace to the face!
Wait, so I need to do to get Hawkgirl to make me a sandwich is snap, or is that one of the mysterious properties of Nth metal of which even Hawkman is not fully aware?
Upon reading this post I tried the same thing on my fiancee. Unfortunately, I was not fast enough to dodge the mace to the face. Man, it's been a month of getting smacked in the kisser for me.
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