Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Thanagar Declares...WAR!

Seven Hells!
Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
I've been VERY quiet in my support of Thanagar in the escalating THANAGAR/Rann War but that changes...


"Seven Hells!" wholeheartedly lends its' mace, its' sword and shield to the following Pro-Thanagar blogs ...

The Absorbascon, The Great Curve, The Comic Treadmill, Near Mint Heroes, Cognitive Dissonance, Blog THIS, Pal!, Gutterninja, Trusty Sidekicks, Dave's Longbox, The "brilliant" half of Repent Sinners!, Return to Comics, and Polite Dissent.

All others will not want "Seven Hells!" shouted their way.

(BTW, on my end, this is all intended in good clean fun. Let's keep it that. )

For Thanagar!

Is there anyone not doing this just as fun? If not I certainly don't want to be associated with them. :)
Shane, ya never know. take it from a comic book store manager.
You know somebody should tell DC. It would be good PR for the summer series that probably needs it most...

I know I'm buying it mostly to look for ammo!
I just want to say that I am doing this for fun, we all are. Sadly, it's lots more fun than the actual R vs. T comic series! However, that does not change the fact that Hawkman is having personal problems, and Rann is about to unleash its new super-weapon! Thanagar's days are numbered.
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