Thursday, August 04, 2005


I've Been Probed By The Washington Examiner!

I've been runnin' my mouth again.

Very nice, D. Good quotes.

It's interesting to this District resident that, compared to the Post, the Examiner devotes a lot of ink to covering pop culture -- they even have a regular comics critic. (I live in hope that the Post will one day run a piece about comics without the words POW! or ZAP! in the headline.)

So, yeah, they do a good job on the pop culture. Yet the people in charge of the Examiner's editorial page are the very fuddiest of duddies.

I suppose they're competing with the Moonie paper to capture that much-coveted right-wingnut demographic.
Have you seen this site?

Pretty damn funny.
"Now is the first time in recent memory that both major publishers - Marvel and DC Comics - are putting out quality material, Sanders said."

But you could have added " Hawkman. Especially Hawkman. It blows away everything else on the shelf."
Wait til you see next week's Hawkman.

I dmaned near swooned!
Hawkman and Aquaman ROCK.
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