Thursday, February 02, 2006


Johhny Thunder: RAW! or "Don't Invite Johnny Thunder To Your Black Family Reunion"

Despite what you may have heard...

...even an Amazon enjoys a good d*** joke every once in a while.

The Thunderbolt is NOT pleased.

"I can't believe he's chatting up that tartish majorette, when I'm right here for him!"

P.S. I do NOT get that joke....
"Say, you wouldn't happen to have a funny joke, would you, Johnny?"
Blechhh! Echh! Keep it in your pants Thunder. IN-YOUR-PANTS! Now would Rucka's Wonder Woman have laughed liked that? As for thunderbolt's mood, who wouldn't be frustrated if they had to do whatever Thunder said, and were totally pink?
Man. Scipio is right. Look at the Thunderbolt's expression.

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