Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Worst. Day. Ever!

I just want to go somewhere and cry....

How can you NOT love Space Cabby, especially given this exchange from the tear-inducing issue in question?

Superman: You're from the future?

SC: Nah, you're from my past....

Throw in that kryptonite net and the judicious use of super-breath, and this comic was a winner!
I so can't believe that you would want to get rid of Space Cabbie. I think I'm actually appalled.

Of course, I disagree in principle with the whole "Character Donation" thing. Part of the fun of the DC Universe is that it is BIG - so big that it can contain concepts and ideas from other universes - its just that BIG. So what if there are some Marvel-like characters like Firestorm running around - there's also whack stuff like Space Cabbie that would never work in a Marvel comic at all, yet in the DCU they can make it work.

(Its only when the writers try to make clear DC elements work like other company's stuff that things start to fall apart, really. Making the Justice League like the Avengers, for example, is a silly idea - and not in the good way that Space Cabbie is a silly idea...)
I hate it because I actually...*choke*...*sob*...liked it.
Ah HA! I thought so...
The truth shall make ye fret!

But good of you to finally admit it!
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