Thursday, May 25, 2006


Kyle Rayner: ADULT!

There once was a boy named Kyle,
Who took his friends upon a green mile...

Despite Devon adding "ADULT!" amongst his many labels...
Kyle was the only one smart enough to match wits with The Queen Of Fables.

For this crisis, Kyle knew exactly what to do,
He went all "queer" forgetting his power of "woo."

The princess was awakened with the prince's kiss,
Leaving Kyle upstaged by a man who smells of fish.

Do not fear! The day was won,
another edition of Kyle Rayner: ADULT!...


Dude, I have to give Kyle credit for his restraint here. He was probably worried that with his death-kiss power going, even Wonder Woman might end up in a major appliance. Good teamwork, Kyle.
If I made one of those "Top 50 DC characters," the Queen of Fables would be on it.

What a great idea for a character!
Devon, man, your poetry's steamin'.
I so want you to write The Demon.
Yep! It'd totally suck if Diana keeled over dead, so it's definitely for the best that he stepped aside for Arthur.

Besides, that kiss...kinda hot.
Yeah, but the beard's scraggily. I much prefer smoothshaven Aquaman muself.
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