Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I Don't Know....

...what this is supposed to be. I'm not gonna lie. I wasn't going to post anything today. No Kyle Rayner: ADULT! today. Just wasn't feeling it.

Earlier today, I'd been thinking about something I didn't want to think about. I was, maybe, going to say "good-bye" to the blogosphere altogether, fold "Seven Hells!" and just be done with it.

See what life with Kyle Rayner on Wednesdays would feel like.

See what life without my stupidly bitching about Space Cabbie would feel like.

Plus, I haven't been feeling very "funny" lately.

I don't know why but seeing a couple of comics blogs join comics news websites did something to me over the past few days. I read both blogs and both websites religiously. Both for their unique qualities. I saw "unique" bend a little and questioned why the blogosphere suddenly felt a little more co-opted, a bit emptier. (By the way, "co-opted" isn't in anyway intended as an insult.)

Blogging felt a little less "maverick."

So, long story short, comics elicit more reaction than any shitty feeling I could have on any given day.

By the way, the other thing that happened...

Yesterday, I watched a store full of grown ass men jump up and down at next week's prospect of receiving a Green Lantern ring.

That's all it took. My realizing I'm being an idiot. So, yeah... I'm back in from the cold, so to speak.

Hopefully better. Your daily (b)floggings will commence next week.

Take care, all.

Devon, what's happened to you happens to many people everyday. After all the crap that goes on outside, what's to laugh at? But what happens to many of us, that we feel that meloncholy, is that we're taking ourselves too seriously. That kinda thing just creeps up on you and you don't even know it's happening until something funny (and most of the time innocent) occurs.
It's a cool story about the Green Lantern rings.
Thanks, you two, I really appreciate it. What it comes down to is I just didn't much like what I was writing lately. Good stuff one day, mediocre the next. More mediocre the next day. I think I just need to take a quick minute and recharge.

Just get better, y'know?

Thanks again.
Andrew Carl, Big Monkey ambassador to Hollywood.
Its like some zany time travel story from out point of view. Glad to have you 'back'
I'm glad you're sticking around, Devon. "Seven Hells!" was one of the first comic blogs I started reading -- and now I've got 27 open tabs in Firefox, all on my daily comic-blog reading list.
Glad you're staying, Devon. Kyle Rayner: Adult! is often the highlight of my week.

Jack of Spades
Andrew gets to sit on his ass and read comics while being spitting distance from Scarlett Johansson AND Alicia Keyes... I hate him, I hate him so very, very much.
I have a long history of shepharding White kids to greatness, Rambo.

I'll make a man of you yet!
Your blog is predicated on fun, so whenever it becomes to be a chore for you, you should take a break. Whether it's for days or for months, we'd be here when you came back. Because you make this a fun place to visit.
Don't worry, Devon. A little rest, a little relaxation, and a little bit of "COBB: OFF THE HEAZY," and you'll be fine.

To be honest, I really just wanted an excuse to put the phrase "COBB: OFF THE HEAZY" in some kind of written form. ;)
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