Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Saints Alive!

I've noticed alot of bloggers have them. Some cotton to a Green Lantern prone to massive head traumas. Some have an obsessive love for little boy sidekicks.

What I'm taliking about is a character we've all sort of adopted as the ultimate expression of our respective blogs' "mission statement." Our own personal "patron saints," so to speak. So today, I am asking you, the blogosphere, to help me do something long overdue:

Canonize characters into "Seven Hells!" Council of Saints. Starting with...

Hawkman: This blog is named for Hawkman's favorite expression, "Seven Hells!" Hawkman has no superpowers, often goes shirtless and carries a mace for the sole purpose of hitting people over the head. What's not to love?

Wildcat: He's old enough to know better but does it anyway, he's Wildcat! He wonders aloud where his next handful of ass is gonna come from, he's Wildcat! He gets drunk and sings too loud, he's Wildcat! He'll punch you in the eye, he's Wildcaaaaaaaat!

Lady Cop: Possessing a feminist sensibility and a thick skull along with an extensive knowledge of venereal diseases, Lady Cop recently had her own frickin' week devoted to her here on "Seven Hells!" I haven't been the same since.

Kyle Rayner: A good heart and a dim wit gets you a long way here on "Seven Hells!" Kyle's featured here every Wednesday showcasing an astounding case of the "self-awares,"and an innate ability to watch those he loves get killed and watch himself come out smelling like a rose.

There can be only one. Vote and vote often.

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I vote you adopt Kyle. Which leaves more Wildcat for me.
Second, because it leaves more Wildcat for Dorian.
I gotta vote for Hawkman. Because when it comes right down to it, comic fans need a dude with wings and a big honkin' mace to represent in the comicsblogoweb.

Plus, there are at rough count six gazillion Kyle Rayner fans in the comicsblogoweb , and four of us who actually acknowledge Hawkman. We'd hate to lose you.
I should have done my "A Day In The Life of Wildcat" feature BEFORE I asked the question.
Damn! This is a hard choice forced upon your adoring fans here!

But wait a minute, if it is the "Seven Hells! Council of Saints" shouldn't there be more than one?

If not, I vote for Lady Cop.

The best thing to happen to me in June.

Well. Mostly.
Hawkman, although if he doesn't make the cut I'm prepared to pick up the gauntlet!
Kyle! Kyle! Kyle!
Oh, definitely Wildcat. He's what you'd get if you took a gritty 90s hero, took away all the lameness, and put on about sixty years of awesome.
Well, Monty, everything on Thanagar came in Sevens. Seven Hells, Seven Heavens, Seven Saints, Seven Devils. As Ominar Sin noted, it's a very structured religion.

Which means we should actually nominate 3 MORE saints to the council.

Jonah Hex?

Harley Quinn?

Mr. Terrific?
If you get Hawkman I get Evil Hawkman.

He's more fun anyway.

But I'm voting for Lady Cop.

Because someone has to.
I vote for Hawkman, because that's who you were talking about when I first found you, and besides, I did Lady Cop first, although you did her longer.

Wait, that didn't sound right...

Or Wildcat.
Lady Cop.
I vote for Hawkman.
Although I'm assuming your talking about Katar Hol or Carter Hall. If your talking about the Hawkman of the 90's who was a radioactive continuity disaster and sucked up a lot of my money because I kept buying the book thinking it would get better eventually; than I vote for Wildcat.

Yail Bloor
Lady Cop! Because she doesn't have a power ring or a mace or 9 lives and she still fights every day...and needs the love.
"Know...And remember...That it is by the strength of our faith and our love that your path stays as bright as the eyes of Lady Cop herself. So say we all."
You said vote often, so I'm voting for Hawkman again.

Give my regards to Mayor Daley. :-)
Lady Cop,
Because the thought of a woman as a police officer was so foreign to the 70s that when Lady became a Cop, she warranted her own series.
I, too, vote for Hawkman, but only if you're talking about the Hawkman of the 90's who was a radioactive continuity disaster and sucked up a lot of my money because I kept buying the book thinking it would get better eventually. He's the only Hawkman I truly count.

Otherwise, Wild Lady Rayner, Thanagarian Cop
Much like Chris I vote again.

Lady Cop: So you may talk about her amazing knowledge of diseases and then ask people whats the deal with space cabby.
I vote Lady Cop for the same reasoning Dorian voted Kyle. Only I want Kyle.
I vote Lady Cop. So Ragnell gets Kyle.
For the sake of charmingly eccentric idiosyncracy alone, Lady Cop is the sure winner.

Any fanboy can have a hawkperson, green lantern or old boxer in a kitty-kat costume as their spiritual totem, but only Devon of Seven Hells could properly claim Lady Cop as his own.

So says the non-comic blogging Canadian stranger.
Lady Cop! I wanna learn about sexually transmitted infections from my comics! =D
I vote Lady Cop too because she's such a conundrum - she has the refinement of a Lady but the street tuffs of a cop. She's not a female officer, she's a lady cop.

Then again the entire idea of Hawkman is awesome. He's a bare chested dude with wings, an eagle head helmet thing and a clobbering mace. If he was a drinker he'd be like the patron saint of my childhood neighbourhood.
Lady Cop! Girl's got a lot of moxie!

And notice that not only does she fight crime without superpowers, she does it without a gun!
Hawkman. He's more than just a guy with wings and a mace. He's also a guy whose experienced numerous reincarnations, and has been some sort of alien spirit, and who on occasiona flies alien spacecraft, and can wield swords, tridents, and bazookas while wearing bird helmets and Fadeway Man's cape, and still look like a badass. Who else can you say that about?

And after thousands of years, the ladies still can't resist him, ain't that right, Kendra?
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