Thursday, August 10, 2006


Get Behind Me, Satan!

Lord, help me but I just cannot stop looking at Plastic Man's ass!

Neither can the chick with the enormous hair.

He probably uses a Stairmaster.
It's hypnotic to be sure, but once the initial fascination wore off, I was left wondering about why the dude in the trenchcoat was eating a single piece of white bread as a palate cleanser for the sandwich in his other hand, which it looks like he might have swiped off the table.

[Verification Word: "jrmzvgs" Junior Mizviggs: a low-level crime boss turned informant who occasionally provided Plas with helpful information.]
hmm...plastic man has no uh..butt cleft nor "cheeks" to speak of...
It's the cracklessness of it that disturbs. Just how inhuman IS Plas?!
It's ok.

It happens to the best of us.
It's... just... hypnotic.

I can almost see it starting to sway.
I love how the guy in the trenchcoat uses the seated woman's momentary transfixation with Plas's posterior, to cunningly swipe the sandwhich from right out of her hands. Spectacular!
I remember briefly seeing this particular scene in a comic book decades ago. I was highly confused about the guy eating the sammich since he seems to be wearing the same googles as Plastic Man. Just one of those odd things that stays in the back of your mind.
Man, if I could do animated gifs, I'd so make that bounce.
Eh, deVon, is there a subtext here..?

Deconstructively yours,

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