Saturday, August 05, 2006


Monkey-She, Monkey Do

Run, don't walk and to your local comic book shop and grab yourself a copy of She-Dragon #1 drawn by and friend of the Big Monkey, Franchesco! Franchesco's not only an incredible artist but also one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure to meet. How could he any cooler?

Well, he also happens to be one heck of a snazzy dresser! What was his attire of choice while attending San Diego Comic Con?

A snazzy Big Monkey Comics ringer tee, that's what!

Wearing of a Big Monkey Comics tee may cause women dressed as Slavegirl Princess Leia to swarm upon your person! Ask Franchesco!

Wearing of a Big Monkey Comics may result in comics legends such as George Perez desiring to come up and hug you. Ask Franchesco!

Is it that people naturally gravitate towards genuinely talented guys at conventions or the simple wearing of a BMC t-shirt? I do not know but I'm happy to know that my little shop somehow played a part in it all.

Thanks again Franchesco!

That had some of the greatest "pretty girl" T&A since Adam Hughes drew Penthouse Comics! Awesome! What's he doing next?
Dr. M.
Last I spoke to him he's been doing a lot of commercial design work along with children's book illustration.
I have to agree. I liked the issue. Enough that i am now prompted, however reluctantly, to actually read a Savage Dragon book just to see what is going on. Curses!
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