Thursday, July 12, 2007


Forged Identity

You know what makes this page from Justice Society of America #7 so damned awesome?

Is it:

A. The Justice Society's former leaders banding together to help a new member.

B. The return of the Steel legacy to the DC Universe.

C. The brilliant page composition of artist Dale Eaglesham.

D. Hawkman wears his freakin' Hawkman mask under a welder's mask while wearing his huge ass wings while working a forge!

The answer is D.

Why would Hawkman wear his mask under a mask?

Don't ask.



HA! That didn't even occur to me last night when I read this.

He IS the Goddamn Hawkman! Boo yeah!
Why does Hawkman wear his mask under another mask? Probably for the same reason that Batman wears his cape and cowl in the shower.

You can NEVER be too prepared.
Who's gonna stop Hawkman from wearing his helmet whenever he darn well pleases? You?
He looks like something out of WoW
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