Friday, July 06, 2007



Taken from JLA/Avengers #4

In light of Iron Man's involvement in Civil War & his formation of The Thunderbolts and Kyle's becoming Parallax, hindsight makes this panel JUST that much creepier.


Oh I don't know. Even as Parallax, Kyle is much nicer than Iron Man. Cuter too.
Is anyone noticing a pattern here:

In the 90's, Hal became Parallax and Tony soon followed a similar path, becoming evil.

Recently, Tony started his slide towards being "evil" (note the quotes, I know he's not EVIL, but he is being a grade "A" jerk) and Kyle became Parallax (which, most of us believe is just a ploy and Kyle will return heroically soon enough).

As GL goes, so goes Iron Man and vice versa, I guess.
wow, in this picture you can hardly tell that Tony is a Skrull and that Kyle has a giant space-leech living in his chest.
That's a brillant catch, Devon.
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