Monday, October 08, 2007


Number Five of "Seven Hells!" Comics' 5 Greatest Douchebags

I like this guy. For an midget, this guy goes big.

We have a lot in common.

Stupid blond guys are always getting into his sh*t.

Stupid blond guys
are always getting into my sh*t.

He has a black soul.

I have a large Black Manta ship... to go along with my massive Black everythangs!

I heard he once cut his brother's girlfriend Sif's hair because she wouldn't give him any play.




I wholeheartedly approve.

If you did not know, that means I approve with my whole heart.

Loki is a "pimp," children.

Note the pimp cup.

His cup tells his story.



Oh, Devon....

I don't know whether to praise or repudiate the fact that your inevitable immodest allusion to your own anatomy did not include a reference to great big horns, even though the subject matter clearly made it appropriate.

A wasted opportunity or admirable restraint? I can't quite decide.
No matter how times he says he's the God of Evil, he really is, at best, the God of Douchesbags.
Loki's not a midget.
heh heh heh
He's a midget because he's half-Frost Giant.
He's all Frost Giant.

He was born small 'cause his father was a loser, and loser giants have little children. Made for an easy birth, I suppose.

Loki is also the mother of Odin's eight-legged horse.
Douchebag he may be, but at least he's respectful enough to pour one out for fallen homeys.
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