Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Character Donation #50

I'm sorry you just cannot make me like this guy. Look at him! He getting guano all over the Bat-Signal! I just never "got" him. Yes, he's was a member of "The Batman Family" at one point.

So was Azrael.

He's Man-Bat!

Yeah, he's tragic. Yeah, he's tortured. He's a scientist. Somehow, he doesn't read "clever" like most of Batman's Rogues Gallery.

He reads like a Marvel "Rogue." Why? He's sorta "redeemable." I don't like that in a "Rogue."


It sounds like the type of character I would have concocted at the age of six.

"Hey, Mommy! I just got done reading this Batman comic! I like Batman and Robin. I created a new friend for them. His name is Man-Bat."

"That's nice, baby. You're clever."

He sounds like the type of character Marvel would have created in an effort to be clever. Oddly enough, DC beat 'em to it. Not "clever."

At Marvel, he and the Lizard could be best friends! And I guess Killer Croc, too, since you guys wanted to send him over at some point...
If he were a Marvel character, they could have published a "Giant-Size Man-Bat" comic back in the day...
...and that's why Marvel needs him.
Leave The Creeper...ALONE!!!!
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