Monday, August 01, 2005


Character Donation #61

There's "silly" as in, "Oh, God! Robotman has a robot dog!" No, actually, that's "precious." ;-)

...and then there's just SILLY!

In a universe where women deflect bullets with bracelets and Earthmen receive power rings fueled on willpower, where exactly does SPACE CABBY fit into it all?

Answer: He doesn't.

What does he do?

He drives a frickin'... Meaning it'll probably be just as hard for a Black man to hail a cab in the future as it is today.

Anyways, Marvel could use this character alot better than DC ever could. Just Imagine...Stan Lee! recreating Space Cabby as the cosmic "sage" of The Marvel Universe, dispensing "philosophy" to the likes of The Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Quasar and Thor.

Oh, the possibilities! The potential!

Besides, somebody's gotta take Donations 1 through 60 over to Marvel.

Space Cabby, destiny fulfilled.

Excelsior, Space Cabby! It was nice knowing ya!


Are you INSANE?

The inspired lunatic whismy of something like Space Cabbie is quintessentially DC-esque (-ish?)!

In Marvel, he'd have to mutate into some sort of cross between "The Transporter" (from the godawful eponymous movie) and "The Watcher" (the giant quiet guy with the baby-head who doesn't do anything).

The Silver Age DCU is pretty much the only place this guy could've ever existed. Maybe Charlton, like a Ditko story in an issue of Space War or something. But that's a real iffy maybe.
Space Cabby.

Say it out loud. Go ahead.

Space Cabby.



Separately, both words have vagely whimsical air. Put 'em together, and the resulting synergistic whimsy'll choke you. You simply can't GET more DC than this guy. I mean ...

Space Cabby.

I agree with Scip, DVS.

Plus, LOOK at the guy. He's just about to tip his cap to you! He'll call you, "Mac." I mean...

Space Cabby. Come on.
Maybe he could go to Marvel and hang out with Razorback at the intergalactic truckstops.

Or if he has to stay in DC, make him modern and have him be an associate of Doiby Dickles.
I think that we should give Space Cabby to America's Best Comics instead of Marvel. That's where he'd actually fit in...
David Lawson is a mad genius!
See, I erreth not, Scip! N, just reminded you! You know I'm right!
No, no, no. Space Cabbie is exactly the kind of demented bordering on the retarded that is so reminiscent of the Weisinger and co era of DC comics.

Next you'd want to donate the "Moby Dick of Space" or the Canine Space Patrol!
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