Monday, August 01, 2005


A Typical Day, Unfortunately.

Last week at Beyond Comics:

(Phone rings)

Devon: "Beyond Comics, Devon speaking."

Caller: "Y'all got any Green Lantern t-shirts?"

Devon: "Yes, we do."

Caller: "What sizes y'all got?"

Devon: "Umm...right now, we've got mediums through double extra-larges."

Caller: "What color are them jo'nts?" (DC slang for "joints")

Devon: "!" (Momentarily silenced due more to the atrocious grammar than anything.)

Devon: "Green."

Caller: "Ya'll aint got no other colors like, blue?"

Devon: "No, sir. GREEN Lantern shirts come in green and sometimes black and I usually don't carry those."

Caller: "Why not?"

Devon: "I prefer to sell GREEN Green Lantern t-shirts. Green."

Caller: "Could you order me a blue one."

Devon: "No, sir. They don't make BLUE Green Lantern t-shirts. I could order you a black Green Lantern t-shirt, if you'd like. It'll be in by next week."

Caller: "Nah. Nah. Black wouldn't match the outfit I'm trying to put together for the club tonight."

(Black matches everything, by the way.)

Devon: *sighing* "Can I help you with anything else, sir?"

Caller: "Nah." "Yeah!"

Devon: "Yes?"

Caller: "Is ya'll hirin'?"

Can he commute to Fredericksburg?
This was the same guy who proposed the whole Red/Blue Superman thing, I'm certain of it!
Here's another:
Me: "Beyond Comics."
Caller: "You guys a comic book store?"
"Yes, and beyond."
"What about cards?"
"What about them?"
"Can I sell you some?"
"No, we don't buy cards."
"I can't sell you my cards?"
"No, we don't buy 'em"
"Then how about Yu-gi-oh cards?"
"No, we don't buy cards."
"Really? I got good ones."
"Really, no."
"All right." click.

(greetings from SA, and scipio...Transporter is among the greatest dumb action movies ever. oil fight? classic! man where's the love?)
These people show true devotion to the cause, they should be put to the front line immediately... and we all know what happens to those poor guys in the front...
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