Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Ten Heroes To Liven Up Your Holiday Party: Madame Xanadu

(Big Monkey Comics' Holiday Christmas Party.)

Scip: So.... Devon. Your "companion." She's quite.... interesting.

Me (drunk) : Yup.

Scip: Is she... ? (pointing)

Me (drunk) : Madame Xanadu. Yes.

Scip: Oh, my. Why's she wearing a blindfold?

Me (drunker, breaking a champagne bottle over the edge of table) : I think she's blind. I didn't ask.

Scip: Is she wearing a purple lame' off-the-shoulder dress?

Me (Chasing Killer Moth) : Purple, yes. Off-the-shoulder, no. Girl just can't keep her dress up.

Scip: What's she doing now?

Devon: Ummm, a card trick or a fortune. I can't tell anymore.

Scip: So, you brought a blindfold-wearing, off-the-shoulder-purple-dress-wearing, fortune teller to my party?

Me (grabbing Killer Moth my the antenna) : GIVE IT! Yup.

Scip: Thank you.

Me: Merry Christmas.

I have to admit, this does sound like a fun party.
Yes, it does sound as though you guys give good party. Heh.
Oh, it was.

Until the Phantom Stranger showed up.
Hey, they don't call him "Mr. Gloomy Bring-Down" for nothin'!
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