Friday, June 15, 2007


16 Questions & 1 Statement

1. Wasn't Aquaman's handling of Black Manta absloutely the thing that makes comics worth reading? (Justice #12)

2. Or was it the scene where The Justice League is assembled over Paradise Island and there's Aquaman simply holding his son?

3. Or was it the Joker scene?

4. Has Wonder Woman ever looked more beautiful than when she looked at her worst?

5. "Super Friends?!?"

6. I don't know about you but I wouldn't mind seeing Jim Krueger do some more Justice League.

7. Maybe even the Justice League of America monthly?

8. So, will we ever actually see John Stewart, Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner in Green Lantern Corps? (Green Lantern Corps #13)

9. Where is Kyle Rayner anyway?

10. If I get a pet, would it be animal cruelty to name it "Kid Amazo?" (JLA Classified #39)

11. Come on, Deathstroke! Did you really have to shove the sword down her frickin' throat?!? (Green Arrow #75)

12. Can I take this to mean that Geo-Force isn't in The Justice League?

13. Why do I even care?

14. How long do you think it'll take before Forerunner goes the way of Waverider? (Countdown #46)

15. You know things are getting interesting when Jason Todd & Donna Troy are the ones making the most sense in the DC Universe, right?

16. Were you as disturbed, as I was, by that... thing... Black Mary fought in this week's Countdown?

17. Why was Holly from Catwoman just hanging out in front of a porn director's brownstone?


I was very, very, very disturbed by what Warren Ellis named "Dead Baby Suit Pissdrinker Man."

I was also bugged by Mary's sudden tendency to crack wise like Buffy, but that's a long rant you don't want to hear.
I thought Pharyngula was pretty funny. But maybe that's just because I read his website.
I have to admit that dead baby demon didn't strike me as the kind of thing that I thought would broaden the appeal of Countdown. I'm curious how DC's editorial let something like that get out.

Another controversial thing that I DID like..if Mary Marvel DID get revised into the sexy, black outfit, Shazam-buffy type character. As much as I appreciate Jerry Ordway's opinion on the matter..I think it would be an interesting direction. DC needs appealing new directions.

Trials of Shazam hasn't sucked but its still not what I think of as genuine Captain Marvel...but I could live with Mary Marvel like this for awhile.
How long do you think it'll take before Forerunner goes the way of Waverider?

Or Harbinger, Lady Quark, The New Guardians.

And Black Mary's adversary? What disturbed the most was the Spidermanesque banter she was throwing out.

"That just demonstrates Mary's new. darker side."

No. No. No.

The dialogue completely undermined what was an utterly grotesque creation. There are some serious issues with tone here.
Blue and a tail. I still say Forerunner is the New Earth version of Gleek.
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