Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Black Manta Presents... Rainy Days Can Be Fun!

Taken from the back cover of Aquaman Vol. 1 Aug. 1965, Issue 22.


Holy shit! Now that's good, clean American fun. Of course, he's going to shoot his eye out.
One more thing. Is anyone else bothered by the amount of blush that all the people have? Especially, when the Dad is "shh-ing" the Mother. It's like he is a scampish schoolboy or something.
"Hey, Devon, hey, Ben! Grab your umbrellas and head for my place; I've got a BB gun!"
That cartoon really needs a family pet.

Even with a BB gun, rainy days and Mondays always get me down.
you know...with a BB gun like that you could SHOOT your EYE out!!

oh wait, Black Manta wears a helmet....
I think there's a typo. They wrote "Bill" for that kid's name instead of "Arthur Jr."
"Bill's been wanting this B.B. gun for a long time," yeah, right.

Notice who's the only one shown shooting the gun?

Days from now Bill is going to run to Mom, tears streaming, "Mom, Dad still won't let me have a turn with the gun.
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