Thursday, June 21, 2007


The Viking Commando, Lady Cop & My Nose Vs. Philadelphia

Last week, I spent three whole hours at Wizard World: Philly and somehow managed to walk away with no sense of smell.

Yes, you read that right. I lost my sense of smell after spending three hours in Philadelphia.

Some would view this as a blessing, not having to smell that smell only tens of thousands of fanboys can generate in one enclosed space but what I miss the most is me. I happen to smell exquisite, somewhat like freshly baked cake, actually.

You may bite me, if you like.

Don't worry because I'm not, it's already starting to come back, somewhat. I have many theories as to what could have happened.

One: This is all somehow part of God's plan to get me on Oprah.

Two: Somewhat like Marvel's Captain Britain, my power of smell is somehow tied into my proximity of my homeland. Washington, DC lashed out like a jealous woman, smacking me in the nose to get back at me for leaving her alone too long.

What did I see when I was there? Not much but some awesome things did happen while I was there.

While looking through long boxes, a fella to the right of me pulled out a copy of All-Out War #1 featuring The Viking Commando, saying this to his young son, "I've gotta pick this thing up. I read this guy's blog where this Viking guy was giving out advice."

I was that jackass telling you how to run your life. I've never been prouder.

Also while there, I checked every long box in the place looking for this:

Not a one to be found in the whole place. Oddly enough, the vendors who did have copies of First Issue Special were missing the sainted issue four.

Take that First Issue Special #11: Code Name: Assassin!

What'd I pick up while in Philly?

The infamous Supergirl "cannon/c*ck & b*lls" Adventure Comics cover.

Because, yes, I will actually be a twelve year old boy all my life.

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Good that your parents let you go all the way to Philly then.

I wonder if that guy with the chain would look as gleeful if he knew he was about to take a Lady Cop baton right to the nether region.

P.s. Love you blog, thanks for telling me how to run my life.
A grand moment at the longboxes. You're officially a Cultural Trendsetter now. Hang on, I think there's some kind of diploma...
So when can we expect a full post on the c&b issue?
Poor little girls with V.D. everywhere thank you for your devotion to their cause.
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