Monday, July 02, 2007


19 Questions And One Statement

Sorry! Last week kinda got away from me. Here we go!

1. Are you still as disappointed in Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13 as I am?

2. Jimmy Olsen's a bit of a douche, isn't he? (Countdown #44)

3. In the midst of a war, when'd Holly have time to get hair extensions?

4. Have the words, "Welcome home, Holly." ever been more of a clarion call for slash fic?

5. When did Captain Atom start speaking like Magneto?

6. When's Keith Giffen coming on to do layouts and art continuity?

7. Was there ever a more clever title for a comic than Blue Beetle #15's? (Blue Beetle #15)

8. Wasn't Jaime's deepest desire the greatest thing ever?

9. Like a freshly picked strawberry, doesn't Traci 13 make everything just that much sweeter?

10. Were you as annoyed by Wonder Girl and Supergirl's actions as I was? (Teen Titans #48)

11. So, Nemesis doesn't mean "idiot?" (Wonder Woman #10)

12. Is Nemesis the enemy of women writers?

13. Do you know what I liked most about Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps #1? (Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps #1)

14. Was it actually seeing Kyle, Hal and John in an actual Green Lantern Corps comic?

15. Was it Guy Gardner's good-bye to Superboy-Prime?

16. Was it artist Ethan Van Sciver's drawing a bit of age on Kyle especially after everything that's been done to him over the past year?

17. Heck, was it the sheer love of everything Green Lantern Van Sciver showed in every line he laid down?

18. Was it the sheer evil of why Kyle's mother never got better?

19. Was it the "no-good-will-come-from-this-ness" of the last page?

20. No. It was this... perhaps the single greatest comic panel of all time... a villain... Superboy-Prime, encased in a panel-within-a-panel, simply saying, "Heh." How... villainous.

What can I say? I enjoy "meta."


Sinestro Corps made me want to read GL comics again.
Traci 13's appearance in Blue Beetle makes me very happy I ordered the Dr. Thirteen trade. What an awesome character she is.
Why is Clark jumping out of a window to meet Supernova cool but Jimmy riling up street toughs douchebaggery?
Sinestro Corps was simply sensational of course. And Blue Beetle was hysterical as usual. A darn pretty good week, all in all.
Jamie's greatest power fantasy in BB made me laugh out loud in a crazy, happy, way that made me pull a muscle.

I was equally annoyed with Wonder Girl and Supergirl..all of a sudden becoming the Paris Hilton Twins of EVIL!!!!!
y'know..I gotta say that I was starting to like Bart during Guggenheim's Flash run..but I was WISHING for him to die when the title was first re-launched.. Remember when he was a whiny Spiderman clone???

go back to those issues and wish for his death!
I am more annoyed by Wonder Girl loosing, then gaining, now loosing her powers yet again! But annoyed by her and Supergirls actions? Not at all guys! If my Mom was locked up, I'd shoot first and ask questions later. And am I the only one who is eagerly awaiting the sight of the two of them dropping the president of the United States at the feet of that crazy Queen Hippolyta! lol.
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