Thursday, October 25, 2007


A Comic Book Panel

A comic book panel.


What did I tell you about sticking your fingers into electrical sockets, young lady?
"Daddy, why do I feel so..."

And a comic panel from 1983, at that!!!

Ah, Crystar... such good times for such a crappy comic.

Crystar! I knew I used to own the comic with that panel. Marvel should restart a line of stupid toy tie-in comics. Of course without the genius of Mantlo it might not work that well...

Hmmm. Of course! They can hire Chris Sims to write them all. He is the Mantlo A#1 Super Fan...
And that's why I never have an unkind word for Crystar. All the cool bloggers talk about Rom and how he should come back, and I smile and nod and die a little inside...

Ika never got her own figure (naked or otherwise) in the Crystar toy line, which might be for the best: kids start puberty early enough these days.
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