Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Big Monkey Podcast Is A-Go!!!!

The first Big Monkey Comics Podcast is up featuring myself*, Ben of Those Wednesdays, Jon Hex of Jon Hex Lives, Jon of Facedown In The Gutters and Scipio of The Absorbascon.

Thrill to my Orson Welles-like portrayal of Black Manta!

Shudder at the thought of Jon Carey podcasting, semi-drunk!

Listen to me tell Scip to shut up!

Be the first to listen to comics bloggings first super-group! We're like The Power Station and Jon is that dude on the drums.

*I can't be held responsible for what happens to you after listening to the amount of "kick-ass" running through your speakers.


Hand to God, I wasn't even remotely drunk.

One drink! Two hours before! I'm not a freshman.
Yeah, you act like he writes facedown in the gutters...
That was fun for my bike ride in this morning. Thanks!
Hey Devon,

Man have I missed hearing y'all blab about comics. But, I'm lazy, and I want it to automagically appear in iTunes. So here's how to do it!

For an in-depth, step-by-step guide, check here: on Podcasting

If you just care about the syndication step (i.e. RSS), check here:

Part of CNet's how-to

Hope that helps,

Etta Candy Must Die!

I thought this said "diet."

In fact, why doesn't it?
Because Etta's perfect the way she is, that's why.
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