Friday, October 12, 2007


Number One of "Seven Hells!" Comics' 5 Greatest Douchebags

Somebody call The FBI 'cause this little b*tch has been commiting hate crimes for over sixty-five years.

Arrest his ass for blocking the rooster.

For wanting everyone around him to be as ho-po' as his punk ass.

For treating a true player like a redheaded stepchild.

For trying to steal a true pimp's stable.

For hating on a man who for 65 years has kept two fine young ladies plush in his garden of pimply delights.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you The High Priest of Hatin', that Kaiser of The C*ckblock...

Pubic Enemy Number One...

Comics' Greatest Douchebag Of All Time...

(May the squirrels forever forage for your nuts.)



Ahahaha. Never saw that one coming. Yes indeed, cockblocking is like the repulsor ray of the douchebag.
I defied you to find someone to out-douchebag Tony Stark, and darn if you didn't go and do it.

The rumors are true: thou errest not.
I am sorry I ever doubted you
That's amazing. And perfect. Perfect and amazing.
Devon erreth not.
Congratulations to the Black Adam of Riverdale!
*golf clap*
Wait a second: put his hair up in a bun, and Reggie Mantle becomes Olive Oyl. The guy dresses up as a woman just to cock-tease sailors ... now that's world-class douchebaggery.
But...but...dammit I LIKE Reggie! Yes, he's evil, but darn it, he does it with such panache!
Well played!
Yes. And yet again, yes. I had a moment of doubt that you wouldn't be able to top Iron Man, but you pulled it out. Glorious, sir.
He looks like evil adult Kid Miracleman.

-- Lauren
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